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Get IT Baby nest sleeping bed will give your baby a feeling of security in the transition from mommy's belly to sleeping in their own bed. Perfect for your baby's first night's sleep! It's easy to adjust the size of this cozy nest by pulling the cords. It's also reversible.
The baby nest is handmade of 100% cotton fabric and suitable for newborns and young children, designed to be a multi-functional snuggling place for babies during the first couple months of their precious lives. The cushion surrounding the baby's head is slightly lower than the rest of the nest. This is to ensure that the heat escaping from the baby’s head has room to leave the nest and the baby does not overheat.
The nest can be used in many ways such as resting, sleeping, lounging and playing, anything that is comfortable for your little one and you.
The nest is also reversible, just flip it around and the pattern can be on the inside or outside as you wish.

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Brand Name

Get IT



Filling material

Polyester Fibre

External Material


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