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GET IT Brand manufacture Head Pillow for Infants for Sleeping | Breathable Cotton Cover with cushion made from Memory Foam Baby Pillow for effective Sleep and Proper Head shape. About the product INVEST IN QUALITY BABY PILLOW: Made of 100% natural cotton cover (non detachable), this baby pillow for sleeping uses no dyes or chemicals in order to protect sensitive skin. Dual Layer Cover and Case protection for higher absorption and dry feel. HELPS CORRECT THE FLAT SPOT: The infant pillow concave center its designed to keep the little one's head comfortable during sleeptime ensures a beautifully shaped head. HIGH QUALITY SLEEP TIME: Kradyl Kroft baby flat head pillow is your little one's best sleeping buddy! This baby pillow provides the comfort and support needed for peaceful and longer sleep. HIGH QUALITY COOZLY APPLR INSERT: This pillow uses high quality Coozly's Applr Head Cushion made from memory foam and Fibre. USE IT ANYWHERE YOUR BABY LAYS DOWN: Use this baby pillow for sleeping early on in the crib, bassinet, swing, bouncer, stroller during long walks outside. Also the Kradyl Kroft infant pillow flat head can be used on the play mat, in the car seat, at the changing table or even while nursing. The newborn pillow lightweight and portable, great for travel! Of course it belongs to the nicest baby shower gifts for boys and baby shower gifts for girls.

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Get IT


Pillow With Booster

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100 % Cotton

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